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PT ABE (Agro Bio Energi Indonesia Berjaya) is a company whose establisment was initiated by IJBNet to realize several programs in agriculture and bioenergy that require business institutions. PT ABE supports IJBNet's mission to increase trade between Indonesia and Japan, as well as encourage technology transfer from Japan to Indonesia.

Driven by Japanese alumni, IJBNet was inaugurated in Jakarta on August 8, 2018 by Mr. Airlangga Hertanto, Minister of Industry (now Coordinating Minister for the Economy) who at the same time pleased to become IJBNet supervisor. Attended by the Japanese Ambassador to Indonesia (Mr. Masafumi Ishii), Mr. Rachmat Gobel, Mr. Soebronto Laras, Mr. Sanny Iskandar, Mr. M. Syafii Antonio, representatives of agencies/associations, Japanese friends who love Indonesia, academics and others.

PT ABE is a business institution that committed to developing agriculture and bioenergy by utilizing Indonesia's wealth of resources while utilizing Japanese technology and the Japanese market.



Being a company comitted to providing and supplying wold-class agricultural products & bioenergy.


Work hard to build partnerships and expand land for agricultural products & biomass for bioenergy in a sustainable manner.

Build facilities and infrastructure in potential areas.

Ensuring the quality of raw materials is in accordance with the standards in each production area.

Upholding the value of commitment and integrity in manner internally and externally.

Bibit Nyamplung

Tamanu Plant


Tamanu Oil


Crude Coconut Oil

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Crude Coconut Oil

Wood Chips

Wood Chips




Woods Pellets


We work professionally and dedicated based on our experience and network in National and International.

  • Planning

    We work based on planning, on datas and facts in the field or business partners for production

  • Organization

    We were established by IJBNet (Indonesia-Japan Business Network)  to execute business relations between Indonesia and Japan in the field of bio energy and agricultural products. We have a national and international network

  • Management

    We manage the team  and business partners for sustainable business in bio-energy based on natural resources and agricultural products

  • Support

    We are also affiliated with several companies to support business sustainability



    PT System Synergy and Solutions

    PT. System Synergy and Solutions. Engaged in the business sector a) Industrial mechanization and automation, b) EPC, c) UAV and its supporting system, d) Coconut, sago, and its derivative products. Pioneers and the only private sector who succeeded in making UAVs with turbojet engines. Pioneers and the only EPC 24/7 Unmanned WWTP (Liquid Waste Management without operator) work for coal mine waste at its time.

    PT Nudira Sumber Daya Indonesia

    Owns and pioneers in the most advanced Smart Farming and Greenhouse Technology. Consultants, contractors and training centers in hydroponics and greenhouses.

    PT Lycon Asia Mandiri

    Experienced company as a contractor in various energy companies in Indonesia. Has capabilities in infrastructure ranging from pre-construction to Construction Service and Management. EPC company that has complete licenses and is certified ISO 9001: 2015, OHSAS 18001: 2015 and ISO 14000

    PT DaFa Teknoagro Mandiri

    One of the top five producers of plant seeds using tissue culture techniques, it has produced millions of seeds for 25 years. Producing forest, horticultural and plantation seeds.

    PT Woldnet Mandiri Indonesia

    The company has a specialization in the field of Special Purpose Machines, which has many Japanese corporate clients in Indonesia. Has experts who are experienced in the fields of mechanical and Automation Engineering and are ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

    PT Tharwa Barokah Abadi

    The Company has experienced in specialist manufacture of konjac poweder, assisted farmers to establish produce konjac tuber. In sector of energy, the company also produce coconut shell charcoalbriquette.